Driver Inventory (DI)

The Driver Inventory (DI) is a 70-item, self-report computer scored test specifically designed for driver assessment. The Driver Inventory does not screen for alcohol or other drugs.

The DI takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete and can be administered individually or in groups. The DI can be administered on the computer screen or in a paper-pencil test booklet format. Regardless of how the test is administered, all tests are scored online and reports are available on-site within two or three minutes of test completion.

The DI is a self-report test that is completed by the client, either individually or in group settings. There are no forms or questionnaires to be completed by the staff. The DI is scored and interpreted by the computer that generates printed DI reports on-site within three minutes of test completion. These reports eliminate the need for tedious, time consuming and error prone hand scoring. Staff report writing, substantiation of decision making and record keeping needs are met with DI reports.